What Will I do with Broken Pipes

Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by plumbingmurrieta

People think that plumbing problems are usually due to problems in their fixtures like tubs, lavatories and basins. However, there are times that pipes could be unstable which cause these plumbing problems. A pipe could freeze, sweat or make some unnecessary sounds. It is very important that you know how to deal with broken pipes.

Water leaks in Pipes

There are various types of leaks that could be related to your plumbing system. There are leaks which do not do much damage but there are also some which could cause big expenses on your part.

Most of the time, these leaks would occur in the worst possible time. With this, while your plumber is not yet available, it would be a good if you have some skills in dealing with this problem to prevent any further damages until your plumber would arrive. You do not have to do it perfectly since when the plumber would arrive, he will complete the repair.

First Action on Leaks

When you discover that you have a water leak, you need to turn off the primary water device immediately. This would stop the water from causing more damage in your property. Next is to remove excess water on the pipes by switching on one faucet in the first floor of your home. This would stop any water from dripping in the leak.

After making sure that there is no water in the pipes, check the dimension of the leak. With this, you will know which method would be best to apply as temporary fix to the problem. It would also help if you dry-out and clean the area where there is leak. Also, you could apply simple measures to stop any leaks

Fast Solution for Leaks

One of the easiest and fasted ways to solve any leak is using power tape. The first thing to do is to wipe the leak with a bath tower before applying the tape. If you do the taping, start at around 2 inches away from the leak and ending in the same distance on the other side of the leak. Find a rubber that you could use to cover the tape.

Cover the tape the same as how you did the taping. The only difference is you have to end at where you started. You could do this step several times in order to seal the pipe properly.

If you have an unused bike inner tube, you could also apply it on the leak. Slice a bit of this rubber tube and place it on the leak. Use a pipe clamp to hold it in place. Tighten the pipe clamp so that there will be no water which could pass. This remedy could last for several days while your plumber is not yet available.

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