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Water Leak Detection Methods for your Home

Posted on: June 3rd, 2014 by plumbingmurrieta

Your plumbing consists of water plumbing lines and among these are pipes that carry water to your home. As much as possible, you need to know the basics of water leak detection in your home to prevent a sudden increase in your water bill or worse major damages in your property. Water is one thing that you do not want to go anywhere in your property for it could cause a lot of damages.

Oftentimes, homeowners would know that there is leak in their water lines if they see a sudden increase in their water bills. However, during this time the leak could already have done a lot of damages in your property.

Checking Leaks though the Water Meter

Before seeing the increase in your water bill, you need to spot the leak first. Since a leak could happen anytime you need to ensure that you check your water lines regularly for leak.

One of the best ways to do it is checking your water meter. First, you need to close all fixtures in your home that uses water. Also, appliances that use water should be shut-off.

Since no one in your home is using water, you should expect that the indicator in the water meter should not move. But, when you see that it is still moving. It means that there is leak in your water lines.

After knowing that there is leak, do some further investigation. Shut-off the valve that supplies water in your home. Go back to the water line and check if the indicator is moving or not. When indicator is still moving, it means that the leak is outside your home.

Since you now have an idea that there is leak in your water lines, it is best to call the experts to deal with it. Prior to calling the experts, try to check your fixtures and visible pipes outside your home for leaks. If you see the leak, deal with it on your own.

Fixing visible pipes with leaks is not that hard to do. All you need are the right tools to do it.

Leaks inside your Home

If ever the leak is inside your home, try to check your walls for water spots. Water leak could easily affect your walls and ceiling especially when it is made of wood.

When you see some leaks in your flooring with some moist in it that could be a sign that the water leak is below your foundation.

Your job is simply to do water leak detection. With this, you could call the service of a plumber on time before the leak causes a lot of damages in your property. For reliable leak repair service, call Murrieta Plumbing. We have the tools and equipment to do the job fast and efficiently.