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Sewer Video Inspection to Deal with Plumbing Problems

Posted on: February 20th, 2014 by plumbingmurrieta

In order to prevent major sewer problems, you need to hire the service of professional plumbers to inspect your sewer using the latest method known as sewer video inspection. In this method, a specialized camera is used to clearly see what is inside your sewer.

Problems that could occur on the sewer:

  • Clog
  • Bad odor
  • Breeding of insects
  • Leakage

Plumbing Inspection

If you do not want to experience any of these problems, it is best that you annually check your sewer. It is good that a camera inspection is now used to do this for it provides a clearer picture on what is going on inside your drain.

Aside from seeing the problems in your drain, it could also help you identify if your drain lines need replacement or not. See to it that you choose a plumbing company that could offer you this kind of service.

Keep in mind that pipes and drains would deteriorate in time. With this, do not anymore wait for the time that these would break before you think about its replacement. When you do so, it would already cause a lot of damages in your property.

Possible Drain line Replacement

The sewer video inspection could help you identify if your drain lines and sewer needs replacement. This is the reason why an annual inspection is needed. The cost of this inspection is not that high since there are now a lot of companies that offer this service. Most of them do their best to offer their service in a reasonable price to win over high level of competition.

In this sewer video inspection technology, a specialized camera is used which is usually waterproof. With this, plumbers are able to clearly see what is inside the drain and could identify what is causing the problem.

Since pipes and drains are dark, this inspection technology also uses a flashlight attached to the camera to give it the light it needs for clear viewing.

Seeing Future Problems

It is not only the current problem of the pipes which will be exposed but also any future problems that might occur. Small cracks could be spotted and appropriate fixing could be done immediately to stop it from becoming a serious case.

We all know that pipes are mostly installed in places which are hard to reach and are usually with long distance. With this, it would certainly be hard for a plumber to see what is happening inside the drain without the use of a camera.

If you need the service of a plumbing company for sewer video inspection, we at Murietta Plumbing could help. We have been in this kind of business for many years already. All our plumbers are regularly trained to keep their skill top-notched. We make sure that everything in your draining system and piping are properly inspected and necessary fixes are applied when needed.